How did the Forex Gump EA Professional robot test?

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    Friends, the other day on the Internet I saw a video with the Forex Gump EA Professional robot. In the video, the robot works just super. Little drawdown, big profitability. The author shows a starting deposit of $ 100. I found this robot at and also decided to test it. Tested with an initial deposit of $ 20. The results are amazing! For 1 year, the robot brought more than $ 10,000 in profit. I decided that the author specially adjusted this in the tester. I waited a new week and tested a week later on a new period of time, which appeared after the release of the robot. The results are just super! In reality, in a new segment, the robot made over $ 300 from $ 5 in a week. And this is only in 1 week! Now I have a question, how does he do it ??? Who tested this robot in real life. The author rents it out for only $ 10 per month. Purely logical, this robot in a month will bring much more profit, which means it is profitable. Even very profitable. And I think to try to rent it. But maybe someone has already tested?

    Here is a video of how this robot works. It has already been posted on the forums. Just every time I look at it and I have an orgasm))) This is some kind of kapets! But why then does the author surrender this miracle for only $ 10? There is a suspicion that the author makes it possible to test the robot cheaply, and then after some time it will raise the price ...))) Maybe I'm certainly not right, I suspect that it will be so.

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