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Category: Mt4 Experts
Trader: Dmitriev Pavel
Language: Eng
Created: 22/01/2011 12:00

Employment Advisor: 
Advisor to work on H1 period 
Adviser puts the pending orders to both sides at a distance 
DeltaPriceUP DeltaPriceDN and the opening price of the session.
At the opening session of the given variables: 
Default: 0, 8 and 16. 
The lifetime of a pending order - until the next session. 
When you first start adviser awaits the next session, pending 
order is placed during the session, only 1 time. 
Pending orders are set to a predetermined SL and TP, 
corresponding values defined variables: 
StopLoss and TakeProfit. 
For 0 values of the variables corresponding to them does not stop.
//-------------------------------- Closure Orders 
Counselor-controlled by the zero level of profit (breakeven), and he puts 
Portfolio SL and TP. TP exhibited not on the level of current price and the total 0 level. 
-If TakeProfit = 0, then the advisor only works with SL. In this case, closure orders 
possible only by the SL. 
-SL moves Trailingom only at the general positive profit, regardless 
the value of StopLoss (StopLoss used only for the initial billing 
SL at the opening of a warrant), the level SL is chosen so that closing 
all orders in one direction for SL, profit amounted to no less than TrailingStart. 
In-EA is installing SL on the opposite order; 
If the value SLReverseOrder = true adviser puts SL on the level of the opposite 
Stop Order.

Price: 1100 $


Type: Product
Name: twinkle
Trader: Dmitriev Pavel

Currencies: GBPUSD  

 Timeframe: H1  

 Daily profit 2.3% of the funds.

There is a striker set for quick return (1 month)spent money to buy AC

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